Developer Guide

Getting started

Download the following to get started programming

create a .env file. refer to .env copy. put in your mongo_uri in there.


npm start


npm run dev

for development


  • Node.js
  • Jest / SuperTest (for testing suite)
  • Express (web server for REST API)
  • TypeScript
    • adds static typing
    • adds signatures to the functions directly
  • Cheerio (for web scraping). Works like jQuery

Quick guide of how the API is coded

src/models/pages/ contains interfaces of all data that can be found on the various pages within the ssc scheduler.

src/util/scraper/ contains the website scraping logic that turns the website into the typescript interfaces specified in src/models/pages

src/util/CourseScraper.ts is an abstraction that uses these scraper classes to turn the obtained data into usable


tests/ contains unit tests

tests/routes.test.ts tests our endpoints


npm run test

to test, and for a coverage report run

npm run coverage